2019 Annual Conference




Sunday, November 17 to Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Awards Dinner:
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
(5:30-6:30pm Chairman's Reception; 6:30-9pm Annual Awards Dinner)
CAM's 2019 Awards


The Westin Trillium House & Village
220 Gord Canning Drive
The Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 0V9 Canada




Reputation Management

Megann Willson,CEO & Partner, PANOPTIKA

Gone are the days when all you had to do was do a great job for your customer, ask them for recommendations, and apologize and make it right when you made a mistake. Today’s proactive consumer turns first to the Internet and social media to make a buying decision. CAM actively reminds consumers to read reviews of movers before they make their choice. But nowadays, the flood of information for consumers includes online reviews, recommendations, forums, and more. Fake reviews, unhappy customers with time on their hands, and true crisis management are all part of online reputation management. How does your company, with a limited number of good reviews, compete against another that has hundreds of 5-star reviews? How and when should you respond to the negative reviews and comments you receive?

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Cyber Theft - Can You Afford the Risk?

Miki Ho, Underwriter, International Cyber & Tech., Beazley Canada Limited

Data breaches can happen for a host of reasons including a hacked database, mishandled data, vendor errors or vulnerabilities in your company’s website. More customers are concerned with how you handle their information and a large scale incident can have a significant impact on both your company’s reputation and bottom line. With that in mind, steps should be taken to protect your business, your clients, and your employees from the threats that go along with the increased efficiencies of using technology. This session will focus on the importance of privacy protection, network security and the availability of cyber insurance as a tool to protect your company’s bottom line and respond to complex cyber threats.

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The Canadian Moving Industry ... Time for a Change?

Nancy Irvine, President, Canadian Association of Movers

Over the past year, CAM has been supporting the student-led research of Asrai Ord at the University of British Columbia on the current state of the moving industry. Many of the issues documented in the research are already well-known within the industry, having been part of casual conversation for years or decades. However, as the moving industry continues to face changing market conditions, CAM hopes that documenting these issues can serve as a jumping-off point for more industry-based discussions and problem-solving on what the future might look like for today’s moving companies. Join us for a presentation of the latest results followed by an open forum to share ideas.

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Changing Behaviour — A Culture Change that Starts at the Top

Dave Earle, President & CEO, British Columbia Trucking Association

Even on a good day, long-distance truck driving is a challenging work environment, with long hours on the road, onboard screens displaying maps and texts, paperwork to glance at, lunch at the wheel and periodic conversations with dispatchers. But just a few seconds with a driver’s eyes off the road could change lives forever. At the same time, the expectations of customers for faster service, regulators for greater control over driver behaviour, and the public for more accountability, continue to grow and our industry must grapple with how to meet them in competitive rate and labour markets. How greatly does the influx of technology, the intergenerational conflict and increased regulatory oversight influence behaviour? What opportunities are presented for companies to change culture and performance in their organization? Join Dave for a thought-provoking session for operations and management on helping drivers, and other employees, understand and alter their current habits to provide safe and efficient performance.

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On Top of The World

Chuck White, President and Brian Limperopulos, Vice President, International Association of Movers

The International Association of Movers (IAM) fresh off their own conference in October, which will feature a Global Moving and Mobility Standards Summit, will fill us in on international issues and trends as well as their thoughts on the Summit and the need for the global moving and mobility industry to drive the adoption and development of industry standards. Without industry standards, the global moving and mobility industry will be unable to adopt transformative technologies like interoperability and blockchain.

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Entertainment by Canadian Comedian Rob Pue, a gregarious and dynamic comedian with a knack for telling it like it is, Rob has become one of the brightest voices to hit the Canadian comedy scene and is a regular at Just For Laughs Montreal, Ha! Halifax Comedy Fest and The Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Watch Rob's stand-up here.