Join the Canadian Federation of Independent Business
— Preferred membership fees are a benefit of CAM membership

Logo      “The rates are attractive. CFIB benefits can be seen on your bottom line.
Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!”
Ted LeLacheur, Chair, Canadian Association of Movers

The Canadian Association of Movers has entered into a partnership with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). CAM members will enjoy a special ongoing membership fee to join CFIB. Your savings can be enough to pay for your CAM membership fee and your benefits go right to your bottom line.

Why should you consider membership in CFIB?

CFIB offers:

  • Excellent Visa and MasterCard processing fees;
  • Representation to government for 109,000 small businesses;
  • Tax benefits you are already seeing on your bottom line;
  • Education resources, such as online learning tools for employees;
  • Information on all aspects of business (human resources, workers compensation, etc.) with unlimited access to CFIB’s business advisors;
  • Payroll processing.

How does this work if I’m already a CFIB member?

If you are already a CFIB member, you are eligible for the preferred CFIB membership fee while you are a CAM member. CAM members who are already CFIB members don’t have to do a thing – they will be contacted by CFIB and advised that they are eligible for the reduced fee when they renew.

How do I get more information about joining the CFIB?

You can get general information about CFIB at


For CAM members – Go to CAM’s CFIB welcome page and join CFIB now! (You will need a username and a password. These appear on the CONFIRMATION OF MEMBERSHIP DETAILS that accompanies your CAM membership invoice or contact the CAM office if you need assistance.)

For non-CAM members – This offer is only available to CAM members. Please contact the CAM office for information about joining CAM or join CAM now online!

Membership in these two associations provides you with benefits, opportunities and savings. Join today!