CAM Mover's Edge, January 20, 2014

Year of the Reputable Mover

The Canadian Association of Movers declared 2014 to be the YEAR OF THE REPUTABLE MOVER. We have begun our campaign with letters to all provincial governments and worker’s compensation boards across Canada. The letters addressed the fact that while legislation and regulation (consumer protection, transportation, revenue and taxation, and the Criminal Code of Canada) were sufficient to prosecute the rogues in our industry, very little was being done. We will continue to press government to enforce the law.

Our immediate next step is to post a new introduction page for our website. It’s called TRUST and you will be able to see it at This page will be linked from Quebecor’s consumer website that provides general information that ranges from entertainment to weather.

We will also be posting a rogues page. This will contain warnings to consumers about rogues’ false claims on their websites – illegitimate use of logos, ridiculous claims, fictitious reviews on consumer websites, etc.

Your input on these initiatives or suggestions for other actions would be appreciated. Write to us at

Household Goods Moving Services Contract

The Government of Canada’s Household Goods Moving Contract is still in process. The request for information (RFI) that was promised for early January has not yet appeared. The general timetable for this is:

  • Mid-December 2013 – current contract extended to September 30, 2014.
  • Early January 2014 – Canada intends to publish a final complete RFI (not seen as of January 20)
  • February 2014 – final RFP to be posted for 45 days
  • End of April 2014 – awarding of contract
  • October 1, 2014 – service commencement of contract

This is the fourth version of the process that began in the spring 2012. Watch for developments.

CAM’s 2014 Event Schedule

CAM’s 2014 event schedule is as follows:

  • January 1 to December 31 – Year of the Reputable Mover
  • April 4 – editorial deadline for the Spring 2014 issue of its magazine – The Canadian Mover
  • August 15 – editorial deadline for the Fall 2014 issue of its magazine – The Canadian Mover
  • September 15 – CAM’s annual golf tournament at Richmond Hill Golf Club, Vaughan, ON
  • October 19–21 – CAM’s 2014 annual conference – Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel

CAM’s Job Board

Check it out on our website. There are new jobs posted.

CAM’s Year-End Statistics

CAM had a very busy 2013, according to our year-end statistics on referrals to members, enquiries about members and non-members, complaints about members and non-members and visits to CAM’s website. Here’s what’s kept us busy:

Referrals to members 1,990
Enquiries about movers 467
Complaints about movers 196
Website visits 150,470

IF YOU HAVE NEWS THAT CANADA’S MOVING INDUSTRY SHOULD KNOW ABOUT, please let us know and we will include it in upcoming issues of this newsletter.