CAM Mover's Edge, July, 2011

Dale Goldhawk — Opening Keynote Speaker at CAM’s Annual Conference

Dale Goldhawk is one of Canada’s best-known advocacy journalists. He’s been chasing bad guys, fighting for change and raising Hell for 44 years. The good guys in our association need to hear his message.

Mark your calendar for November 13 to 15, 2011, and plan to attend CAM’s 2011 Annual Conference.

Watch for announcements about the conference in your email.

CAM Awards

It’s time to consider your nominations for CAM’s 2011 annual awards. The awards recognize the achievements of members of the moving industry who have advanced the practice of moving, and people from both inside and outside the industry who have worked to improve the consumer’s interests, the environment, industry safety and humanitarian activities.

  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Industry Achievement Award
  • Innovators Award
  • Public Service Award

A committee of directors has updated the categories and criteria. You can obtain nomination forms online.

CAM Golf

CAM’s annual golf tournament will be held on Monday, September 19, 2011, in Milton, Ontario. Enjoy a day of golf and a chance to exchange war stories about your summer moving season with your colleagues.

The registration form is available in a PDF file.

Postal Strike

The postal strike likely hampered some of your communications – sending invoices, flyers and letters and receiving payments and goods – it certainly interfered with CAM’s activities. It appears to be over.

We are now starting to clean up after the event. Certificates are being mailed out, directories and flyers are being mailed, payments are being received, the data that was mailed to us is being entered into our databases. If we owe you material or information, it will be on its way shortly.

We will be planning for the next strike and investigating alternatives to postal service.

Fraudulent Reviews

We have had a warning from a member about fraudulent reviews being posted to consumer websites. You should be aware that some of your less-than-reputable competition may be posting reviews of your company. A sign of this is a grouping of poor ratings for your company and stellar ratings for others. We recommend that you do a search for your company by name and/or by city. Fake reviews should be reported to the website management.

Training Videos

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, CAM’s new Packing and Unpacking training modules are now available, along with our Helper Module for New Employees video and Canadian Professional Movers course. Call us for a temporary access code if you’d like to check them out. You already have access if you’ve registered for access to CAM’s education program. You can extend this program to all your employees at no additional charge.

We also mentioned that CAM had contracted with MOVINGEDU.COM to provide members with a broad range of training in many phases of the moving profession. MOVINGEDU.COM offers its training modules to CAM members at special prices so make sure you identify yourself to them as a CAM member.

CAM Code of Ethics

CAM’s Board of Directors has approved a change to the wording of CAM’s Code of Ethics. CAM’s Code now requires that movers make a commitment to providing a complaint resolution process for consumers (instead of participating in and abiding by the decision of an independent arbitration process). The amended Code of Ethics form is now in use for new members. Existing Certified Canadian Movers will be asked to sign up to the amended Code of Ethics with their membership renewals.

You can see the changes online. The amendment is to paragraph “iv” in the section that begins “Members and their employees also commit…”

New Members

Welcome to Crescent Moving and Storage Ltd., Surrey, BC, and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, Kingston, ON.

Trucks for Lease/Rent

Tandet has a special offer on trucks for lease or rent for CAM members. Details (pdf)

CAM National Office Holiday Closure

In celebration of Canada Day and our American colleagues’ Independence Day, CAM’s national office will be closed from July 1 to July 4. We’ll be open for business again on July 5.

IF YOU HAVE NEWS THAT CANADA’S MOVING INDUSTRY SHOULD KNOW ABOUT, please let CAM know and we will include it in upcoming issues of this newsletter.