Movers' Edge, August and September, 2004


CAM now has a toll-free telephone service in Quebec. Consumers can contact CAM in French at 1-877-656-4993. Our representative, Regis McKenna, has been briefed on CAM’s referral and complaint-handling processes.

Our current flyers still show the original toll-free number. This will be fixed at the next printing. You can refer customers to the new number for service in French. Phone Regis to get introduced.


We are putting the Fall 2004 issue of The Canadian Mover together now. We need to know that your company’s information is up to date. Please review your company’s listing in the membership directory online or in the last issue. Send us your changes ASAP. We will go to press in two weeks.


As you are aware, the media have been very interested in the moving industry. CAM has been contacted several times in the last few months for comment. Most recently, Global TV and the Ottawa Citizen did stories on the poor performance by Mike’s Moving from Kelowna, BC. The article is on our website (pdf).


CAM’s 8th annual golf tournament will be held on Tuesday, September 21, at Cardinal Golf Club. Don’t miss this fun event. It’s an opportunity to golf with old friends and network in the moving industry.


Consider a sponsorship at the golf tournament. There are opportunities for sponsoring a hole or a test of skill.



Members are reporting that the CCMP has been working for them. Some consumers are checking on movers prior to hiring them, and members are using the flyer to validate themselves to consumers.

The CAM office is receiving many calls from consumers asking for referrals to reputable professional movers. And your contact information is being passed on to the consumer.

This fall, Industry Canada will publish a pamphlet titled Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company. It is the document CAM members and other stakeholders developed in partnership with Industry Canada and the Better Business Bureau. They’ve added some colour and graphics. It contains the information consumers need to assist in their choice of movers. The front panel of the flyer is shown.

The pamphlet will be part of a consumer-awareness campaign sponsored by Industry Canada. Details remain to be worked out, but the campaign should focus on the need for consumers to be aware of the consequences of a bad choice.

We’ll keep you informed as the campaign is rolled out.


CAM will present the Distinguished Service, Founders and Innovators Awards at its 4th Annual Awards Dinner on Monday, November 22, at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel. These awards honour the leaders in our profession. Help CAM honour deserving individuals from our profession.


CAM’s 2004 Annual Conference will focus on your bottom line – revenue improvement and expense reduction. We are now acquiring speakers who can demonstrate the techniques movers can use to improve their operating efficiency.