Movers' Edge, January, 2004


Since we rolled out the Certified Canadian Mover Program at CAM’s 2003 Annual Conference, there have been several developments with the program:

1. Office of Consumer Affairs, Industry Canada

CAM is developing a communications program with the Office of Consumer Affairs, Industry Canada, to communicate the program to the Canadian public and the consumer. Industry Canada has assigned a journalist to this project to develop a press release and newspaper articles.

2. Consumers Council of Canada

CAM has been in contact with the Consumers Council of Canada. The Council will review the program with the intent of making suggestions to the program and determining if it will participate in the Certified Canadian Mover Program as a member of the advisory council.

3. Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus

As stated at the conference, the Better Business Bureau will provide arbitration services across Canada for consumers’ complaints that cannot be resolved between the mover and the consumer. These services will be available from coast to coast, including in the Toronto area, where the BBB is re-establishing its office.

4. Program Logo

The logo has been modified to instruct the consumer to visit the CAM website or call CAM to verify the membership of any mover that presents itself as a Certified Canadian Mover. The revised logo includes CAM’s toll-free number: 1-866-860-0065. You may also use this number to contact CAM for any reason.

5. Grandfathering

All CAM members will be grandfathered into the program until the end of January 2004, at which time only members who have provided the required documentation will be included in the program.

6. What will the attached program do for me?

The program will identify you to the Canadian consumer as a Certified Canadian Mover – a designation recognized by the Office of Consumer Affairs at Industry Canada and the Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus as belonging to reputable movers that treat their customers in an ethical and professional manner. It’s the seal of approval a mover must have. It will make your sales staff’s job easier by validating your company to the consumer.

7. What do I have to do?

The program is open to members of the Canadian Association of Movers only. The criteria for membership in the Certified Canadian Mover Program are the same as membership in CAM:

  • Business licence (municipal business licence, provincial operating authority, etc.)
  • Incorporation certificate
  • GST registration and number
  • Workers’ compensation certificate
  • Insurance certificate showing a minimum of $1 million liability and a cargo limit minimum of $250,000
  • Yellow Pages ad or promotional items (optional)
  • Signed Code of Ethics form (pdf) and commitment to participate in the Certified Canadian Mover Program

If you have not already done so, please gather the above information and mail or fax it to CAM at its new address: 2085 Hurontario Street, Suite 525, Mississauga, ON L5A 4G1, fax: 905-848-8499.


The Board of Directors and staff of the Canadian Association of Movers wish you, your family and your staff all the best for a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

The CAM office will not be open between Christmas and New Year. It will re-open on January 5, 2004.