Movers' Edge, March, 2004


We need your up-to-date listings now. The Canadian Mover, CAM’s magazine and directory, is scheduled to go to press on Friday.

The contact and operational information we have for you can be seen in the online membership directory. It may not have been changed since the last issue of The Canadian Mover.

Please review your listing now. Ensure all your contact information is correct, that the listing has the correct telephone numbers, that your email and website addresses are up to date and that the descriptions of your facilities, services and service area are correct.


Changes to the Good-Practice Guidelines and Consumers Checklist

There have been a few minor changes made to Industry Canada’s Good-Practice Guidelines and Consumers Checklist. The changes addressed differences in law among Canada’s provinces. Within a few days, all provinces should have agreed on final versions of the two documents.

When the documents are complete, Industry Canada will issue press releases that will inform the public about the Good-Practice Guidelines and Consumers Checklist.


Below are the front pages of the English and French versions of the consumer flyer for the Certified Canadian Mover Program.

These flyers are intended to be distributed by the sales forces of Certified Canadian Movers.

They offer some advice to the consumer on how to find a mover and why a Certified Canadian Mover is the best choice.

Together with these flyers, CAM is establishing consumer webpages on its website that will have the following:

  • Current listings of certified movers
  • The Consumer Checklist from Industry Canada, as well as links to Industry Canada’s website.
  • A complaints form that will allow the consumer to submit a complaint on line.

Each of these items is intended to help the consumer choose a mover and assure the consumer that the mover chosen is reputable and professional.

The flyers are currently out for quotation at local printers. You should see samples by mid-March, in good time for the upcoming moving season.

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