Movers' Edge, May, 2000


There were a few glitches and we think we are now past them. For those of you who felt like guinea pigs, thanks for your input and your patience. Through the efforts of many of your fellow members, it's been corrected and revised.

The delay in getting the course back on line comes from the complexity of the coordination efforts in getting corrections made to the material in terms of content and grammar, ensuring that the questions and answers were correct and related to the material, and in returning the amended course to the Internet. From time to time, pieces of the course will be taken off the site for maintenance.


CAM's Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday to discuss a broad range of topics:

  1. Canadian Professional Mover’s course
  2. Committees\
  • Human Resources Development Canada/CAM's Initiative related to job standards
  • CAM's Code of Conduct
  1. Polaroid event
  2. Better Business Bureau
  3. National Events
  • Annual Conference
  • Golf Tournament
  1. Preliminary discussion of bid companies and potential CAM involvement

Results of the meeting will be made available in the next Mover's Edge. Efforts are under way to revise CAM's by-laws to reflect today's association.


Clintus Network of New Delhi wrote to tell us that while they had been certified to ISO 9002, they were particularly proud to have been appointed the official mover for US President Bill Clinton's visit to India in March.

Ray Haight of advises us that MacKinnon Transport (Southwestern Express) won the Truckload Carriers Association 1999 National Fleet Safety Award for the second year in a row.


For the first time in CAM's history, all major van lines are now members. While CAM remains an association dedicated to the betterment of the owner-operated moving company, it feels that it is a benefit to have all the major players in the industry inside the tent. CAM's membership now includes Canadian and international movers, suppliers and van lines.


Some of our labours with the Better Business Bureau have started to bear fruit. The BBBs of Ontario and Alberta are using CAM as a mover-referral service for consumers in those two provinces. As our relationship with the BBB extends across the country, members across the country should start to profit from this activity. Members are referred on a geographic basis wherein several members' names and contact information are given to the consumer.

E-mail requests are handled in the same manner or by referring the consumer to the Members Directory on the Website.


CAM continues to receive complaints from dissatisfied consumers on a regular basis. We can say again that a complaint is almost never directed to a CAM member. Most often the complaint arises from the fact that the consumer has not read the contract or is dealing with a fly-by-night operator. Normally, the complaint has been referred to us by a local BBB or the provincial ministry of corporate and consumer affairs.


It's at the printer now. We'll mail it to you as soon as we get it.