Movers' Edge, November, 2005


CAM’s consumer-relations activity and website activity are running at half the rate of the summer months. In October, CAM had the following activity:

Consumer activity:

  • Referral of moves to members: 101 – number of moves referred to members
  • Inquiries about members: 26 – consumer calls asking for validation of a member
  • Complaints: 21 – consumer complaints about movers

Website activity:

  • Visits: 9211 – total number of visits in October to
  • Visitors: 3899 – total number of individuals visiting CAM’s website
  • Most-active pages:
    – Certified Canadian Mover listing
    The Canadian Mover magazine (several issues)
    – Choosing a Mover flyer


The Canadian Mover, CAM’s magazine and directory, was mailed to you at the end of September. We have had several favourable comments on the look and content.

As you know, we will be publishing the magazine twice a year to try to match the moving cycle. The next issue will be published in March. This will provide a directory for use during the busy summer months.

We are looking for suggestions for the general theme of the magazine, articles and views on what content we should include. Let us know.


Many movers are renewing their Yellow Pages and Super Pages advertising commitments. Don’t forget to include a CAM, ACD and/or Certified Canadian Mover Program logo in your ad. As a CAM member, it may give you that additional edge that comes from your certification.


The Canadian Professional Mover course is CAM’s training course for sales consultants. It contains the basic building blocks that a sales consultant needs in order to understand the moving industry, sales, estimating and moving operations.

Now is a good time to bring your existing sales force up to speed and to train new sales staff.

Graduates of the program are entitled to use the CPM (Canadian Professional Mover) designation on their business cards. A suitable logo will be available shortly. And, of course, the knowledge gained from the course will help in closing sales.

An added benefit is that the Canadian Professional Mover course is web-based, with all lessons and tests available 24 hours a day from home or at the office.


Membership renewal invoices are in the mail to you now for those memberships that expire in December.

Renew now. Add your branches and get them certified. Ask a fellow mover to join with you. Your membership benefits in CAM improve with increased numbers of members.


Copies of all speaker presentations have been posted to our website. You can download and view them at your convenience.