Movers' Edge, September, 2005


Ontario’s new Consumer Protection Act came into effect on July 30, 2005. It affects most movers in Canada – whenever the consumer moves within Ontario, moves into or out of Ontario, or the mover is based in Ontario.

A few areas that movers should be aware of include:

  • An estimate is an estimate no matter what form it takes – by phone, in person or over the Internet. Every estimate should be confirmed in writing stating what you have agreed to move, the date of the move and the bottom-line price.
  • The estimate should clearly show that additional services will cost extra.
  • You may not charge more than 10% above your original estimate in most circumstances.
  • You may not charge for time that is beyond the customer’s control:
    – Traffic delays
    – Snow on streets
  • You may charge for time that is within the customer’s control:
    – Customer not packed at the appointed time
    – Keys not available
    – Requirement for a long carry or shuttle at destination
    – Conditions at origin or destination not as described by the customer
  • It is important to document all changes to the estimate in writing.

The above items are just good practice. For complete details of the discussions with the Ministry, please visit the Movers section of our website.


It’s just two weeks away. We need to hear from you. The conference is designed to improve your bottom line, help you market your services, and service very profitable areas of your business. As well, you might meet an old friend and have a little fun at our golf tournament. Speakers include:

  • THE PROFITMOVER’S GUIDE TO BUSINESS SUCCESS – James Larsen, Consultant to the Moving Industry, JBL Enterprises
  • MARKETING AND ADVERTISING 101 FOR THE MOVING INDUSTRY – David Harrington, President, Full Dimension Group
  • MANAGING A SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL MOVE – Michael Rathbone, President, Brytor International Moving
  • THE LATEST ON THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S MOVING CONTRACT – Major Jean-Claude Collard, Contract Manager, Directorate Logistics Services, Department of National Defence
  • INITIATIVES IN CONSUMER PROTECTION – Christopher Ferguson, Director, Marketplace Standards and Services Branch, Ontario Ministry of Government Services
  • PANEL DISCUSSION AND OPEN FORUM – An opportunity for attendees to discuss the challenges that movers face in today’s competitive marketplace.


The 2005 Awards Dinner will begin with a cocktail reception at 5:30 pm on Monday, September 19. Join us for the event where all movers can get together to celebrate the awardees.


The AGM will be held at 10:00 am on Tuesday, September 20, 2005. It is your opportunity to help in the formal government of your Association.


It’s the annual outing for the whole moving industry – a chance to compare notes on your busy summer season with old friends. So get your clubs out of mothballs and don’t miss this moving-industry tradition.