CAM offers several programs to its members as a benefit of membership.

CAM’s Certified Canadian Mover Program was developed to identify reputable, professional household-goods moving and storage companies where consumers can be assured of receiving services that are based on ethical conduct, professional competency and effective complaint-handling. Certified Canadian Movers are members of CAM who:

  • Adhere to CAM’s Code of Ethics
  • Provide up-to-date essential business-related documentation
  • Comply with Industry Canada’s Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers, and
  • Resolve customer complaints in a timely manner and, if required, commit to accepting arbitration.

Failure to meet CAM’s performance standards may result in suspension of certification. A Certified Canadian Mover can be identified by a Certified Canadian Mover seal.

CAM’s Certified Overseas Mover Program was developed to foster high standards of ethical conduct among CAM members that provide international household goods shipping services to consumers. To become a Certified Overseas Mover, a mover is required to commit to CAM’s Code of Ethics for International Mover Members. A Certified Overseas Mover can be identified by a CAM Overseas logo.

CAM’s Education Program consists of several elements including:

  • An online Canadian Professional Movers Course that results in a Canadian Professional Mover certification when successfully completed
  • Video training for helpers
  • Packing and unpacking video training
  • An Overseas Training Manual for Administrative Staff, and
  • Various other informational training resources