Le déménageur averti, le 20 janvier 2014

L’année du déménageur reconnu

Le déménageur averti, janvier 2014

Bonne et heureuse année

Les membres de la direction, les directeurs et le personnel administratif de l’Association Canadienne des Déménageurs vous souhaitent, à vous, à votre famille et à votre personnel, une nouvelle année sous le signe de la santé et de la prospérité.

CAM Mover's Edge, January, 2011

Happy New Year

The board of directors and staff of the Canadian Association of Movers wish you, your family and staff a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

CAM Conference Video

We videotaped all speakers at CAM’s 2010 annual conference in November. It has been a learning experience. The recordings are not broadcast quality. The recordings for one or two speakers are only marginally useful.

CAM Mover's Edge, February, 2011

United Van Lines/Mayflower Canada

Members of the Mover One Group (United Van Lines and Mayflower Canada) have just joined CAM increasing CAM membership by over 100 members to 375 members. CAM welcomes the members of the Mover One Group and appreciates their support.

CAM Mover's Edge, March, 2011

CAM Conference Call Seminar

CAM will host a Public Relations seminar from 2:00 to 3:00 pm (EST) on Thursday, March 3rd. The purpose of the seminar is to provide members with some of the basic principles of PR and advice on how to use it to your company’s advantage. Information on registering for the call can be seen on our website (pdf).

CAM Update, March 21, 2011

CAM Directory

CAM will be publishing the spring 2011 issue of The Canadian Mover in early April. Please review your listing in the fall 2010 issue or online and let us know about any changes by Monday, March 28. We want to make sure that your contact information and description of your operations is current in the spring issue.

CAM Mover's Edge, April, 2011

The Canadian Mover Magazine

Watch for your copy of the Spring 2011 issue of The Canadian Mover at the end of April.

We can still make changes to your listing but we need to know this week. Check your listing in the Fall 2010 issue or online. Let us know of any changes.

CAM Mover's Edge, May, 2011

CAM’s Packing-Unpacking Course

The filming for CAM’s Packing-Unpacking video training course is now complete. Together with the Helper training video, these videos will make an ideal way to introduce new employees to the moving profession. Watch for details shortly.

CAM Mover's Edge, June, 2011

Training Videos

Trained staff provides a competitive advantage to every moving company. As the summer moving season opens and movers employ large numbers of temporary employees, CAM offers two new avenues to ensuring your employees have the necessary knowledge to be productive on day one.

CAM Mover's Edge, July, 2011

Dale Goldhawk — Opening Keynote Speaker at CAM’s Annual Conference

Dale Goldhawk is one of Canada’s best-known advocacy journalists. He’s been chasing bad guys, fighting for change and raising Hell for 44 years. The good guys in our association need to hear his message.

Mark your calendar for November 13 to 15, 2011, and plan to attend CAM’s 2011 Annual Conference.

Watch for announcements about the conference in your email.