Enquiries About Movers

Enquiries About Movers
Enquiries About Movers

Every day the Canadian Association of Movers receives calls and emails enquiring about specific moving companies.  Sometimes consumers simply want to enquire about a company's reputation in the industry, while some want to file a complaint.  Sometimes communiqués concern CAM members and sometimes they are about operations that are not CAM members.

Regardless of your reason for contacting us, we will tell you what we know about the company, if we have any information on them.

To help consumers who may want to verify or validate a company's membership in CAM through their own research, and before you ask us, here is a simple list of some companies that are not CAM members but about which consumers have contacted us.

We reiterate that none of these operations is a CAM member and CAM does not have a relationship with any of them, even if some on this list may infer that we do. Also the Canadian Association of Movers is an administrative body that certifies professional moving companies and does not broker out (sell) moves to any moving company or operation, neither CAM member nor non-member.

There are thousands of moving companies across Canada.  If you don't see your prospective moving company's name on this list, that does not imply that they are a CAM member.

To see if your mover is a CAM member, visit our member directory.  To find a CAM certified professional mover, visit our Find a Professional Mover page and enter your postal code at the origin point.

CAM urges consumers to #KnowYourMover and always check a company's reputation and claims before hiring them.

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