Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals
Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Canadian Association of Movers is to further the interests of the owner-managed moving and storage companies by providing for its members leadership, motivation, research, education, programs of mutual benefit, consultation and technical advice.

Programs and services of the Association are designed to enhance the profitability of members' businesses, ensure public safety, and help the buying public access credible, professional moving services.


Government and Political Affairs. To monitor and influence governmental public policies at the federal and provincial levels that affect the unique interests of CAM members.

Membership Development. To build and maintain a strong base of new and renewed members in all categories through systematic marketing and increased participation of volunteer leaders.

Volunteer Participation and Recognition. To increase the number of owner-managed movers that have active involvement in leadership roles within the Association, and to give greater recognition to all volunteers for their service.

Van Lines. To work in harmony and in confidence with van lines in Canada in order to gather statistical information that will allow the Association to effectively represent the household-goods moving industry to federal and provincial governments and the general public.

Public Affairs and Publications. To offer timely information on trends and issues in the industry through innovative public presentations, regular publications, topical manuals and special reports.

Research and Development. To promote, through the acquisition of grants, special research projects that advance the interests of members and strengthen their capacity to render high-quality services.

Education and Training. To enhance the professional expertise and operational competency of owner-managed movers through timely information, innovative seminars, training manuals, certification programs and other continuing education programs, including the moving consultants' course.

Professional Ethics and Standards. To foster high standards of ethical conduct within the Association, among members and throughout the industry. To develop a method of communicating our standards and methods to our customers.

Organizational Competency. To maintain an organizational structure that is well managed, by having a competent professional staff, and being fiscally sound and responsive to the expectations of all members.

Organizational Relationships. To enhance cooperative relationships and joint-venture programs and activities with other associations, particularly the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA).