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Busting Movers

For ten years, CBC's Marketplace has been keeping its eye on fraudulent movers.  Here are the four episodes that have appeared on the award-winning program.  Combined, they have garnered over 13.9 million views to date on youtube alone.  And yet, people still fall for the scams that have been running in Canada for decades.  Know your mover!  Find a trusted and reliable mover here.


Inside the police raid

November 4, 2022 - Police say these movers quote low, but charge high once they pick up your stuff and hold it ransom for payment. David Common revisits customers from the last investigation and meets a new customer as she's reunited with her belongings. And wait until you see the dramatic footage of the arrests and Marketplace's attempt to get answers from company bosses as they're released on bail. As the list of charges grows to the hundreds, Marketplace takes you inside the bust.

This episode includes CBC’s exclusive access to the police raid on June 24, 2022. Canadian Association of Movers was there too - assisting police with identifying and reuniting victims with their stolen belongings.  If you are moving … this is must-watch TV that can save you thousands of dollars. 

Click here to view the episode (21 minutes) or click here to read the companion article.


Secret trackers and hidden cameras expose how some movers can be ripping you off

March 4, 2022 - In this episode, David Common CBC Marketplace went undercover to expose a group of moving companies offering low quotes, then charging customers higher prices based on inflated weight estimates. The episode featured Toronto lawyer Rocco Scocco (who has been instrumental in getting media and legal attention for moving scams) as well as CAM President Nancy Irvine.

This program led to the Toronto Police Service investigating the parent company Move Me Again and its multiple aliases and raiding their warehouse in June 2022.

Click here to view the Marketplace program (22 minutes) or click here to read the companion article.


Moving company nightmares: What you need to know before you move

January 13, 2017 - Moving sucks. In this episode, David Common investigates what happens to your stuff when you move, so you can avoid moving bill shock.  Features longtime mover and former CAM board member Jim Carney.

Click here to view the Marketplace program. (22 minutes)


Movin' Day Showdown

October 11, 2013 - Complaints against moving companies are on the rise in Canada, but there are few regulations to protect consumers, a CBC Marketplace investigation has found. From hidden fees to threats to dump or hold furniture, a hidden camera investigation reveals the tactics that fly-by-night companies use to scam customers on moving day. And attempts to license movers in Toronto have been unsuccessful, offering people little recourse against shady operators.  Join Marketplace host Tom Harrington as his team wired a house in downtown Toronto with hidden cameras and called a mover to document how that company -- and others like it -- scam Canadians on moving day.  Features longtime mover and former CAM board member Jim Carney.

Click here to view the episode. (22 minutes) or Click here to read the companion article.