Canadian Professional Mover Course

Welcome to the Canadian Association of Movers’ Canadian Professional Mover Course online.

There are nine lessons. Each lesson contains reading material, figures and assignments. Read the material, refer to the figures as directed and complete the appropriate assignment.

The reading material for a lesson varies in length from five to 24 pages. Assignments have from 10 to 20 questions. A lesson and its assignment(s) will take you from an hour to a few hours to complete. You must complete the course within one year from the time your company registered, although it can be completed in a few days.

The assignment software allows you to review your answers before submitting it. You may redo the assignment as often as you feel necessary. Only your final mark on any assignment will be recorded.

With each assignment, ensure that you enter your name at the beginning. This identifies you to our marking system. You may review your answers before submitting them. Immediately after submitting your assignment, you will receive your mark. You must pass each assignment; the passing mark is 70%. You may retake any assignment. The last mark received by CAM for any assignment will be your mark in your record.

When you have completed (and passed!) all assignments, you will have earned your Canadian Professional Mover designation. Your certificate will be mailed to your employer.

Some information in the course is based on historical data. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the course please send them to CAM by phone (905.848.6579 or 1.866.860.0065), fax (905-756-1115) or email (

To begin, click on any lesson. We recommend proceeding in order. Be sure to enter your assigned user name or password at the beginning of each assignment.


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Course Material

Graphic Lesson 1 – Estimating Procedures (4 parts)

Graphic Lesson 2 – Long Distance Moving – Canada (3 parts)

Graphic Lesson 3 – Long Distance Moving – Canada (3 parts)

Graphic Lesson 4 – Long Distance Moving – Canada/USA/Mexico 

Graphic Lesson 5 – Local Moving (2 parts)

Graphic Lesson 6 – Permanent Storage Part 1

Graphic Lesson 7 – Permanent Storage Part 2 

Graphic Lesson 8 – Permanent Storage Part 3 

Graphic Lesson 9 – Office Moving