Packing and Unpacking Modules

Welcome to the Canadian Association of Movers’ packing and unpacking training videos.

These videos are designed to introduce newly-hired helpers to basic packing and unpacking skills. Together with the Helper Module, you will learn good practices that will set you on the path to professionalism in the moving industry. You will learn more about the moving profession from your moving team leader and from the experience you gain on the job.

These videos provide an overview of:

  • Basic packing and unpacking tools
  • Packing and unpacking a dining room
  • Packing and unpacking a kitchen
  • Packing and unpacking a bedroom
  • Packing and unpacking a living room
  • Packing and unpacking an office

Each video takes about 60 minutes to view and is followed by a quiz that tests your understanding of the content of the video.

Remember that the lessons you learn when you begin your career as a mover are important. They teach you about the basic concepts – safe operations, correct technique and quality service.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to do it right, right from the very start.

CAM’s Packing and Unpacking Modules were created in the latest version of Adobe Flash. If you are having difficulty viewing the videos, please go to the Adobe website ( and download and install the latest version of Flash. It’s free. Click on the Get Adobe Flash Player button and following the instructions to download the latest version and install it. We also recommend that you use Internet Explorer to access the video.


Graphic Link to module (CAM members only)

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Graphic Link to module (CAM members only)

Graphic Link to quiz (CAM members only)

For information about the video training or to register, contact CAM.

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