Before a Complaint

Before Registering a Complaint
Before a Complaint

The Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) may be able to assist in resolving a problem you are having with a moving company by facilitating communication between the parties involved.

CAM is a not-for-profit non-regulatory trade association. CAM members are not rogue operations – they are certified by CAM as reputable, professional moving services. If the mover involved is a CAM member, CAM will act upon the complaint (exceptions: as standard practice, CAM will not get involved in complaints about military moves involving the Department of National Defence, nor in complaints where an offer has been made by the mover to resolve the issue and the customer has accepted that offer). Following CAM's complaint assistance process, a complaint about a CAM member must be submitted to CAM in writing as it is forwarded to the member in its entirety.

If the mover is NOT a CAM member, CAM will NOT contact the mover but will recommend some possible options such as contacting:

Let the mover know that you will be contacting these agencies.  You can visit our Enquiries About Movers page to see if your mover is on our recent non-member enquiry list.

Before registering a complaint with CAM, please ensure that you:

  • have reviewed your paperwork closely – your contract, bill of lading, receipt, etc., especially the fine print.
  • have filed a complaint and/or claim with your mover.

Understand that complaint handling can take some time.

After you review your paperwork and talk to the mover, you may then register a complaint regarding a recent move with CAM. The complaint should be registered by the person whose goods were moved.

Register a complaint here.