Commercial Move Check List

Commercial Move Check List
Commercial Move Check List

Consumer Tip Sheet – Commercial Move Check List

Any move requires a great deal of detail and planning.

Your first consideration should be a reputable realtor. Whether you lease or buy, a good realtor can give you a great deal of assistance in choosing your location. This should cover everything from customer, supplier, and employee convenience, right through to the delivery facilities. Legal contracts are also a very important part of any move. Have your lawyers check well beforehand all details and make sure that you have good and binding contracts with your mover and property lessor.

Once you have decided to move, you can save yourself a great deal of time, trouble and confusion by using this Check List before moving out of your old premises and into your new offices.


The most important points on this list that should be taken into careful consideration well in advance of your mover are:

• Mover;

• Location;

• Allocation of space;

• Office outfitter.

This list has been compiled with the cooperation of prominent real estate firms, movers and large corporations concerned with moving. You will note the “Target Date” and “Completion Date” columns at the left of the Check List. This will allow you to keep a running record of your progress to date. We do not recommend uniform target dates because every move varies so much with regard to size and complexity that it makes sense to have some flexibility within your own planning.