Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist
Moving Checklist

Consumer Tip Sheet – Moving Checklist


  • Be sure your mover is trusted and reliable. Check their reviews and that they are legitimate.
  • Request and obtain a written estimate from at least 3 moving companies before making your choice. Remember, the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best value.
  • Make sure you understand and agree to the method and terms of payment before moving day. Most professional movers do not request money up front.
  • Make sure you understand the mover’s liability for loss or damage during the move, especially if you choose to release liability. The #1 complaint to CAM is the customer’s misunderstanding of what is actually covered when there is damage or something is lost. Find out what your chosen mover’s process is if there is a claim.
  • Be prepared for move day; make sure your contents are packed and ready to be moved. Confirm with the mover you are ready.
  • If you are not completely ready to move, make sure you contact your mover a day or two before. Your mover may be able to assist with additional services to get you ready and also will be prepared with extra staff or resources should you need them.
  • Make sure you are present during the move. Ask questions if you have concerns.
  • On Move Day, review your Bill of Lading; confirm your understanding before signing- especially the mover’s liability for loss or damage during the move.
  • After your shipment is loaded on the truck, check your residence to make sure everything you wanted moved is on the truck. Make sure you look in closets and behind doors. Also walk through your house with the mover to ensure there is no property damage.
  • During unloading, check your household carefully before signing off on their condition. Be sure the Bill of Lading gives you the right to take a reasonable amount of time to check for damages and file a claim. Make notations of loss and damage on the Bill of Lading. Take photos and keep them for later in case you need to make a claim.
  • If you are moving long distance and have a “check off sheet” (or “bingo sheet”), make sure you mark off every moving tag number to ensure all your household goods have been delivered. If any numbers have not been checked off, look for the items before letting the moving crew leave. Ask the mover to check the truck.
  • Make sure the movers give you a copy of the completed Bill of Lading with all of the charges on it.